Frequently asked questions

What is an investment and what does it include?

Investments are all kinds of the property (except private goods), including leasing items, from the moment of leasing contract conclusion, as well as the rights to them, invested by investor in registered capital of legal body or accumulation of financial assets, used in entrepreneurial activity. 

What major investment projects are being implemented in North Kazakhstan region now?

Construction of oilseed processing plant in Ilyichevka village of Taiynsha district, jointly with «Taiynsha Mai» LLP and Chinese partner Xi'an AiJu Cereals & Oil Industry Group Co., Ltd. 

Which economic sectors of North Kazakhstan region are more attractive for investing?

Agroindustrial complex and processing industry. 

What kind of state support investors may get? Are there any exemptions and incentives exist?

Investors may get an exemption from customs duties on the import of equipment, its components and spare parts, raw materials and supplies. Investors may obtain ownership of land grants, including land plots in state property.

Investor’s activity should correspond to priority kinds of investment activity to receive these incentives. At the same time, investor may get tax preferences. Tax exemptions: corporate income tax, land tax and property tax. Investor is given the right of attraction foreign labour. Indeed, the state guarantees stability to investor on tax legislation change and change of legislation in the sphere of attraction foreign labour.

At the same time, exceptional measure of state support is the reimbursement of a portion of investor's costs (for construction and installation works and equipment) or an investment subsidy. The state undertakes to repay up to 30 percent of the investor's expenses, depending on the production load. At the same time, the decision on granting investment subsidies will be made at the state Government level. 

What are the results of «Kyzylzhar Invest» international investment forums?

The result of «Kyzylzhar Invest 2014» international investment forum is signing of approximately 70 agreements and memorandums totaling more than 50 billion tenge.

The forum was attended by about 800 representatives of national and foreign companies, corporates, government bodies, financial institutions and international bodies. Amount 300 delegates from the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Spain, Belgium and other countries visited Petropavlovsk. 

The result of «Kyzylzhar Invest 2016» international investment forum is signing of 22 memorandums and agreements totaling 207 194 100 000 tenge.

The forum was attended by representatives of business communities and officials of approximately 10 countries (Sweden, People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, Italy, Indonesia, Finland, Poland, Germany and the Seychelles).