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Soybean harvesting continues in NKR

During a working trip to Taiynsha district, the akim of North Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov visited «Bio Operations» factory. He wrote about that in social networks.

«Bio Operations» plant is increasing its momentum. Now, the installation of a second line for the production of gluten is taking place. This will increase production and processing by 2 times and reach 250 thousand tons per year. The installation of a bioethanol workshop is also ongoing. Modern French equipment is being installed. In December, a unique enterprise will start producing bioethanol. When reaching full capacity, up to 500 people will work at the bio plant», — the head of the region wrote.

Also, the regional akim got acquainted with the progress of soybean harvesting.

«Soybean is being harvested in the region. The highly profitable crop will bring significant income to farmers. On the world market, 1 ton of soybeans costs 150 thousand tenge. 15 centners of soybeans is equal to 30 kg / ha of wheat. This year, according to the «Northern Soybean» program, 15 thousand hectares have been sown. The benchmark for 2020 is 150 thousand hectares. Agro-diversification increases the profit of farms and accordingly increases the incomes of the villagers», — Kumar Aksakalov summarized.


Posting date: 06.10.2019