«Atay-SK» LLP

«Atay-SK» LLP one of the largest producers of eggs and poultry in the region. Today, more than three hundred chickens are cared for here. Chickens are purchased in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. The new Spanish technique «Zukami» helps to grow small layers. The bird lives about 3.5 months, then goes to the industrial workshop, where it will already carry the egg. Productivity in a year to 75 million pieces. The company’s products can be found in large cities of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar and Ekibastuz.

Produced products:

  • poultry;
  • for the production of eggs, poultry;
  • for the production of poultry meat;
  • domestic and wild bird eggs.


the Republic of Kazakhstan
NKR, Kyzylzhar district, Yakor village
Working hours:
Mon-Fri 8.00-17.00, Sat-Sun weekend

«Atay-SK» LLP