Information about the region

Title of the region: Taiynsha District
Information for the period: 2017 год (II quarter)
General data:

Created on 2 May 1997 by combining the Krasnoarmeysk, Kellerov, and Chkalov districts.

The administrative centre: Город Тайынша
Area: 11400 кв. км.
Economically active population: 30740 человек
Large enterprises: В районе зарегистрировано 491 предприятий, из них малые – 466, средние – 22, крупные – 3.
Civil mechanic engineering: 3
Food and processing industry: 53
Mining operations and minerals processing: 1
Tourism: 8
Building industry: 6
Health care: 78
Strategic priorities of development: Agro-industrial complex, Healthcare, Food and processing industry
Investment projects: Compound feed plant, Oilseeds processing plant, Production of starch, gluten, bioethanol
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