Protecting Business and Investments

Dear local and foreign investors!

On June 18 2018 year in the North Kazakhstan region, opening of the project office «Protecting Business and Investments» was held.

Мembers of the Council for attracting investors and improving the investment climate of the North Kazakhstan region, heads of other government agencies, representatives of business structures and the media.The project: the Project office was opened to simplify the process of investing in the country’s economy, as well as to prevent bureaucratic procedures and corruption factors.During the event, it became known that the Agency guarantees 100% protection against corruption in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan to interested investors. The goal is expected to be achieved by supporting all the processes faced by the investor not only in the framework of business activities, but also in everyday life.

For all the issues that arise, please call 87152-46-40-52? Call-centre 1424 or the front office of the project at Internationalnaya St., 58a/1.