Procedure for obtainment of permits

Legal basis: Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of May 16, 2014, No.202-V ZRK «On Permits and Notifications»

Article 25. General procedures of considering applications for the permissive documents

1. The licensing authority* shall check the submitted documents for completeness within two businessdays from receipt of application and (or) an appendix thereof and bundle of required documents .

If an applicant delivers an incomplete bundle of documents, the licensing authority gives a reasonable refusal within a set period in further processing the application .

2. In order to get approvals (related permissions) of the governmental agencies, in certain cases provided for by laws, as to the compliance of the with the requirements established by laws and regulations, the licensing authority should, within two business days from the date of registration of the applicant’s documents for a permit and (or) an appendix to it, submits a request to the relevant government agencies at the location of the applicant’s future activities or actions (operations).

The government agencies, as per the request of the licensing authority, deliver a response to the relevant licensing authority within ten business days as to the applicant's compliance or non-compliance with the requirements made during the licensing procedures.

As to the permissions of the second category, the laws and regulations may establish different periods.

3. If the governmental agencies fail to provide a response within the established period, the issuance of a permit shall be considered as approved.

The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to permits, for which there is a relevant note in annexes 1 and 2 to this Law.

4. All documents submitted to the relevant licensing authority or to the State Corporation for a permit and (or) an annex thereto shall be accepted as per checklist, a copy of which shall be sent (given) to the applicant with an indication of the date of acceptance of the documents by the said authority. In this case, the checklist is prepared by the applicant.

If the application is submitted online through the state information system of permits and notifications, a document acknowledging the receipt of the relevant application is issued, certified by an electronic digital signature of the authorized person of the licensing authority.

The fee rates for the permissive documents differ subject to the type of activity (Article 554 of the Tax Code Rates of fees for permissive documents)

* Licensing authorities — licensors and bodies authorized issuing permissive documents of the second category;

licensor — a governmental agency that performs licensing in accordance with this Law.