National contact point on responsible business conduct

In June 2017, Kazakhstan became associated member of Committee on investment of Organization of economic cooperation and development (hereinafter — OESD) and became the 48th country, which adhered to the OECD declaration on multinational enterprises.

Within a framework of an entrance to the Committee on investment of OECD, the government of Kazakhstan took number of responsibilities, including disseminating the principles of responsible business conduct in conformity with OECD Guidelines on multinational enterprises (further — Guidelines) by establishing National Contact Point (further — NCP).

Through international investments, companies/investors bring substantial benefits to home and host countries in the form of productive capital, managerial and technological know-how, job creation and tax revenues. At the same time, public concerns exist about the social, economic and environmental impacts of their activities on the societies in which they operate.

The OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises address these concerns by providing recommendations on voluntary principles and standards for responsible business conduct, consistent with domestic and international laws. The Guidelines represent the only multilaterally-endorsed comprehensive code of conduct that 48 countries including Kazakhstan, have committed to promote. The Guidelines address public concerns about the social, economic and environmental impacts of businesses activities on the societies in which they work (including and beyond OECD area) and provide an important framework for business in advancing Responsible Business Conduct (RBC).

Although endorsed by adhering Governments, the Guidelines are voluntary and are not intended to override local laws and legislation. The Guidelines are not intended to introduce differences of treatment between multinational enterprises and domestic enterprises — they reflect good practice for all business of all sizes, wherever they operate.

The Guidelines are an integral part of the OECD declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises.

NCP should be established in order to disseminate Guidelines.

National Contact Point — is a voluntary, non-judicial grievance mechanism on an activity or inactivity of the enterprises on breaches by them of Guidelines.

NCP organizes a ground for constructive dialogue between the parties of a dispute by making an arrangements and ways of the mutual agreement.

Any person, organization or community (interested parties), who believe, that actions or activities of an enterprise do not correspond to the Guidelines may submit an official request before NCP.

Ministry of investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is defined as NCP of Kazakhstan (government decree dated 31 May 2018, № 306), earlier this function was carried by Investment Committee of Ministry of investments and development of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Additionally, NCP`s working group as a collegiate body was established (decree of MID RK from 12 October 2017, № 696) in order to review complaints. Working group includes representatives from Ministries of investments and development, national economy, labor and social protection of the population, energy, education and science, internal affairs, agency of Civil Service and Anti-Corruption, the National Center for Human Rights, «Atameken» national chamber of entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations and trade unions. The working group meetings are settled as required.