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North Kazakhstan grain growers gathered a rich harvest

In North Kazakhstan region, the harvest of grain crops has been completed. This year, the North Kazakhstani grain growers have gathered a good harvest. 5.3 million tons of grain has been milled, the average yield was 19 centners per hectare. For comparison: last year the yield was 18.2 centners per hectare. Increased yields are a natural result of the hard work of North Kazakhstan farmers and strong state support.

In addition, the region has completed harvested potatoes and vegetables. This year, in NKR, the area under potato has been increased from 27 thousand to 37 thousand hectares. The region has a rich harvest of potatoes, 588 thousand tons. Compared to last year, the gross harvest of potatoes increased by 18 percent. Also, 110 thousand tons of vegetables were collected in the region. All these measures are aimed at ensuring food security and curbing the unreasonable growth of prices for potatoes and vegetables.


Posting date: 26.10.2018