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An investor intends to build a large plant for processing oilseeds in NKR

An investor intends to build a large plant for processing oilseeds in NKR

The akim of North Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov met with Pavel Selivanov, the CEO of «Maslodel» LLP. During the meeting, further prospects for the development of the company in NKR were discussed.

Today, «Maslo-Del» is a successful company for the production of dairy products. There are several factories in Kazakhstan, including a dairy plant in Petropavlovsk and a butter factory in the village of Novoishimskoye. With state support, the company conducts large-scale modernization of production. Two years ago, Swedish equipment Tetra Pak for the packaging of dairy products was installed. This year, the company will launch a new line for processing dairy products. This is 36 thousand tons of finished products per year. The total amount of investments is more than 3 billion tenge. In addition, 45 new jobs will be created.

Pavel Selivanov also presented the project of a new plant for processing oilseeds. The investor intends to build a large plant in NKR, which will be able to process up to 500 thousand tons of rapeseed, flax and sunflower a year. About 9 billion tenge will be invested in the project. The new enterprise will employ 135 people. Tax revenues will amount to almost 800 million tenge.

The head of the region assured that the state would provide comprehensive assistance in the implementation of investment projects.

«These are very good projects. We have repeatedly met with you and were purposefully going to this. Upgrading your plant and increasing its capacity has pulled down the growth of milk production. Last year, we introduced 4 dairy farms. This year, we will open 3 more dairy complexes. Next year, we have the same plans. Our region is currently processing 44% of the milk produced. With the introduction of the new line of the factory «Maslodel» the milk processing will increase to 50%. This figure should grow every year. We know how to produce, but we recycle few products. Therefore, we are now continuing the course on the processing of milk, meat, wheat and oilseeds. The state will assist you at all stages of the implementation of your projects,» — Kumar Aksakalov said.

Posting date: 19.04.2019