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The only household chemicals factory in Kazakhstan will be launched in NKR

The development of the industrial zone of Petropavlovsk is under special control of the regional authorities. The akim of North Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov inspected the restoration work of vacant premises in the industrial zone.

The first object was «Raduga» LLP. Today, this private industrial zone is successfully developing. It employs several industries, employing 1500 people. Food production, recycling of the secondary polymer have been established. Last year, with the participation of Yelbasy, a plant of plastic products was launched. The head of the region got acquainted with the construction of the wholesale distribution center. The object is intended for storage of goods, including other commercial enterprises of the region. The new center is a modern automated technology, four-story warehousing, convenient access roads. They will launch it in August this year. According to Kumar Aksakalov, this is a very important project for NKR.

Also, the LLP will soon launch a factory for the production of household chemicals. The company has been manufacturing liquid soap for about 3 years. Initially, they released 1 ton of liquid soap, now they produce 100 tons a month. The next step is release of solid soap.

«It will be the only plant in Kazakhstan, which has no analogues in the country. Foreign equipment has already been purchased. For the foundation of solid soap, we will prepare shavings, and deal with the processing of vegetable and animal fats. There are only 2-3 such factories in neighboring Russia», — Yevgeniy Lee says.

With the launch of a new production line, the company plans to produce up to 6 thousand tons of liquid and solid soap per year. The market is Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. The next step is construction of a paper hygiene plant and other projects.

«This is a prime example for everyone how to work and develop. On the site of the ruins, a businessman has built a powerful industrial zone with competitive production. These facilities have not functioned for years. Everything has to be restored. Our task is to help entrepreneurs who want to use empty production premises for their intended purpose», — the head of the region, Kumar Aksakalov said.

The head of the region visited the territory of the former Kalinin plant. The enterprise, from which only the walls have remained, will soon be restored. At the moment, the territory has already been cleared, and the design of an electrical substation has begun. The investor will place a modern data center here. This is a large server, where services will be provided for placing information. In short, to develop the most advanced digital technologies: server storage, video processing. Climatic conditions, border location, high power will allow the center to work according to all international standards.

«The territory allows us to build new premises, along with this we are restoring old ones. We have a preliminary agreement with the NKRB of «Kazakhtelecom» JSC. Negotiations are underway with representatives of companies of the largest social networks», — the investor Almaz Maralov says.

They plan opening the center in 2020. Opening the facility will create 150 jobs, 25% of which will be foreigners. The head of the region noted that the state helps investors as much as possible at all stages.


Posting date: 19.04.2019