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62 centners per hectare: a record yield is achieved in NKR

In Aiyrtau district, «Babyk-Burluk» LLP updated the regional record for wheat productivity. During the trip, the akim of North Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov was shown wheat field, where the yield was 62.5 centners per hectare. The previous record of 55 hectares per hectare belonged to «Tukym» LLP.

They asked about how to grow such a rich harvest, the head of «Babyk-Burluk» LLP Seilbek Makhmetov replied briefly: «One must work with the land».

It was this message Kumar Aksakalov tried to convey to every head of an economy during meetings in the fields of Kyzylzhar, Yessil and Aiyrtau districts.

«It’s not profitable to work badly on the land. The state helps the agrarian sector. There must be a payback in the form of increasing wages and other social benefits to villagers», — Kumar Aksakalov said addressing the agrarians.

For the careless owners of the land, the akim of the region cited the example of the head of «Babyk Burluk» Seilbek Makhmetov. Now, in the village of Nizhny-Burluk everything is done for the villagers. The average salary is 141 thousand tenge. By the forces of the economy, central heating will be carried out to the houses of the villagers. Next year, construction of houses for workers will begin.

«There is bread, there is a result and, accordingly, there is an opportunity to raise the salaries of employees. It should be so. If the farm does not get a good harvest, it will not raise the salary. So, local authorities should work with such agrarians», — the akim of North Kazakhstan region said.

In general in NKR, the harvesting is in full swing. As of September 13, 32% of the sown area or 878 thousand hectares had been threshed in the region. The average yield is 14.9 centners per hectare. The akim of the region urged the agrarians to effectively use every favorable day and harvest the grain in the shortest possible time.


Posting date: 13.09.2018